What are the five elements of the strategy of job placement?

Book- https://infoperhotelan.files.wordpress.com/2016/10…

Read chapter 1 and answer these following question as a first person. only use the materials from the link which is the book.

Chapter One Q&A

1.What kinds of institutions or establishments does the hospitality industry include besides hotels and restaurants?

2.What is the role of a manager in the hospitality industry?

3.Why did you choose to study in a hospitality management program? What alternatives were available to you?

4.What are some of the reasons that people work?

5.What does the concept of retained earnings mean as it relates to a career?

6.Describe the concept of the job-benefit mix. Give examples from your experience or from that of your classmates.

7.What are some things to observe in both the front of the house and the back of the house in the early stages of your career?

8.What kinds of things can you learn from a part-time (or summer) job that are not strictly part of the job?

9.What are three principal concerns in regard to a job after graduation?

10.What are the five elements of the strategy of job placement?

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