What works / does not work?

Read Chapters I and II, of Kant’s major foundational work in ethics, Groundwork to a Metaphysics of Morals. (You can skip ch. 3 if pressed for time.)

We have devoted quite a bit to Kant now, so you should be able to analyze and evaluate this core theory:

In your short essay, assess Kant’s ethical theory. What works / does not work? What is attractive or useful (or not)?  Support your analysis, discussion, and evaluation with quotes from Kant’s texts. (As usual, cite from the section in Kant, if you cannot refer to actual page numbers.) Be fair and accurate in your summary (avoid the “Straw Man” fallacy) before you proceed to evaluate it.  Feel free to use examples (real or imagined). You can also bring in Sandel as a supplement if you wish.


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