Identify a core business process that is suitable for analysis and improvement

Assignment ResourcesRead Chapter 13: A Comprehensive Redesign Methodology (textbook).Read Chapter 14: Rental Cars-R-Us Case Study (textbook).InstructionsImagine that you are working for a business consulting firm in which your team has been assigned the task of redesigning the business process of a client company. Your client wants to redesign its core business process to better serve its customers while reducing costs. You are asked to present a plan to redesign the business process of the client company that applies concepts and knowledge acquired in this course.Choose a real organization (from your experience or online) and identify a core business process that is suitable for analysis and improvement.Contact an Academic Expert via the Student Support Centre (contact form on course home page) to discuss your proposed topic and to get feedback.Analyze a core business process from your chosen organization.If information that you need is not publicly available, ensure that you acquire the organization’s approval for conducting the necessary research.Provide a series of recommendations on how this organization should redesign their core business process in a way that better serves their customers AND saves resources.Include only elements addressed in Phases 1–3 of a business process redesign sequence, as described in Chapter 13 of your textbook (see Figure 13.9).Refer to the course textbook, other academic sources (e.g., journal articles—see the Athabasca University Library), and online sources. Cite and reference all sources appropriately, using APA Style.Keep your discussion reasonably concise, so as to stay below the maximum assignment length. If necessary, include diagrams where they support your analysis or recommendations, but limit the number to no more than five. Diagrams need not be complex to be effective.


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