Describe your vision of the importance of ethics for the industry of computing,

In Ethics of Hiring Foreign Workers from Baase, Sara. A Gift of Fire, p. 334, read how different concepts of ethics are used to discuss a real problem (copy of the analysis is also attached).

Your goal in this assignment is to apply a new concept to the same problem. Section 1.4.2 of the textbook above provides an overview of different ideas; study Social Contracts and a Theory of Political Justice from this section (p. 37 or use the attached copy) to find ideas developed by John Rawls. Search and read online materials about him and his ideas. Apply some of the ideas to the analysis of the scenario about whether to hire U.S. programmers or Indian programmers.

There is no need to analyze the technical or financial aspects of the problem; you must concentrate on ethical questions.

In your essay:

briefly describe your vision of the importance of ethics for the industry of computing,
introduce different views on the problem that you are going to discuss,
define Rawls’s idea that you are using in your paper,
apply the idea,
evaluate your results:
compare with what you knew/read/thought before the analysis,
find who can use your results and how,
make your final conclusion and opinion,
use 2-3 additional sources of information besides the textbook.
The length of your essay must be between 1200 and 1300 words. Submit your work as a Microsoft Word file.


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