Food Cost & Quality Control.

1) Please, read “Chapter 3. Food Cost & Quality Control (Purchasing/ Receiving/ Storage)” of Dr. Bell’s Food and Beverage Cost Control, posted on Canvas and the chapters addressing “typical ordering, receiving, and storage procedures” from the textbook, “Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry”.

2) Pick interesting elements from the reading and share. Please write at least 3 sentences.

3) Please state your opinion about the following statement.

“Receiving is the result of purchasing.”

***Think of yourself as a business manager or an owner, would you expect to receive exactly what you ordered written on your PO (purchase order)?***

As posted on the previous PowerPoint slide lectures, there are multiple things that can go wrong.

However, if actively controlled and planned properly, it could be. The whole purpose of learning this course.

4) Make sure to incorporate at least two supporting academic or industry examples of your opinion.


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