Discuss and describe in more specific detail how exposure to intimate partner violence damages a child’s physiology, behavior and emotions

Use the readings and multimedia in this week to support your comments in this discussion. Be sure to cite the readings you reference within your discussion post. All citations should follow APA rules and at least two references must be included in each forum. Discussion must be at least 400 Words.
When children are exposed to violence in their homes, this is
threatening, scary and chaotic, and leads to experiences of uncertainty and fear. We now know that this exposure is stored in a child’s somatic memory and it creates long-lasting effects in their brain chemistry. The inability to integrate the traumatic experience interferes with how they process their emotions and how they behave in the face of even non-threatening stimuli. Discuss and describe in more specific detail how exposure to intimate partner violence damages a child’s physiology, behavior and emotions and what factors might help counter some of these changes in children.
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  • Pick one additional article from the Week 7 Reading list.


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