Identify and briefly introduce the primary applicable existing laws or regulations which govern or regulate

Students will demonstrate their ability to comparatively address and analyze the differences between the
practices and policies adopted in response to a particular ethical issue by two competing entities within a
given industry. Students will exhibit knowledge of the impact and implications of both legal and ethical
restraints and concerns which govern and influence each of the chosen entity’s approach towards a chosen
issue. Students will establish their understanding of business ethics by articulating an argument for which
entity’s response is ethically superior.
-Select an ethics topic, which will serve as the framework for your essay.
• Examples include, but are not limited to: employee diversity issues; employee discrimination issues;
supply chain issues; environmental impact issues; CEO compensation / income inequality / pay-gap
issues; worker benefit policy issues; intellectual property theft; technology (AI, genetic engineering);
consumer rights & protection issues; corporate social responsibility policies; sustainability issues;
community interaction issues; etc.
-Choose two “competing” companies or organizations (i.e. entities) within the same industry.
-Identify and briefly introduce the primary applicable existing laws or regulations which govern or regulate
your selected issue.
• If applicable, please mention any prior, material differences in regulation.
-Compare and contrast the entities in relation to the topic.
• For example, some questions you might examine: how does the entity communicate its approach
towards the issue? What actions does each entity take?
-Argue which entity’s approach or handling of your selected topic is ethically superior and why. Be specific in
your reply. You may not merely identify the strengths and weaknesses of each entity’s response, but rather
take an informed position as to which entity has the better approach / practice(s).
-When discussing your chosen issue, please mention / identify the primary ethical values implicated by the
• To illustrate: if the issue is genetic engineering and selection, some rights implicated include freedom
of choice, fairness, and equality.
-Approx. 6 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font, 1 inch margins) or 1,500 words.
-35% of final grade.
-Submit essay via BlackBoard by or before Tuesday, May 19, 2019 at 10:00 am.
-Late submissions will not be accepted.


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