Create a Facebook group page

Your group will use Web 2.0 sites to organize a social gathering. First choose a group name based on what type of social event you are planning. This could be an actual event that group members will attend such as “Pizza Extravaganza.” Use Facebook to create a group page and use it to communicate with group members. Use the group page to establish who will be the group leader. Each member should use Google Calendar to post his or her activities for the week the event is to take place. Share your calendars with everyone in the group. The group leader should examine everyone’s calendar to determine a date and time when everyone is available for the event. Create the event and invite the other group members using Google Calendar and Gmail. The leader should create a document using Google Docs that lists details of the event—the title, purpose, activities on the agenda, food that will be available, the responsibilities of those attending, etc. Share the document with group members. Group members should share their ideas by editing the document. The group leader should judiciously decide which edits to keep and which to reject. Present your instructor with information to join your Facebook group and to view your calendars and Google doc. Write a summary of your experiences with this exercise.


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