Drama Critique Essay

Drama Critique Essay:ROMEO AND JULIET

The completed instruction has been uploaded. Please strictly follow the instruction and write a 4+ pages drama critique. You also need to finish the prewriting and outlining materials accordingly.

To break the prompt down, basically you just need to select ONE drama/play, watch it and answer the prompt–Did you like or hate the play? It could be any drama that you have access to watch, for example, The Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

In your body paragraph, please use the P (points) – I (illustrations) – E (explanations) structure, which is explained in the instruction. 1) Choose one drama element 2) Provide specific examples from the play 3) Connect it back to thesis and explain

Please cite your quotes correctly using the MLA format. Make sure you spend most of the time analyzing the drama elements (plot, stage design, lighting, etc.)

Thanks a lot and please feel free to let me know if there’s any questions.


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