Who was Verrocchio in relation to Leonardo and how might he have influenced the younger artist?



Module 4: General Reading and Video Questions:

The answers for these questions can be found in your readings and videos. Each answer should be at least five sentences long and answer all parts of the question.

1. Who was Verrocchio in relation to Leonardo and how might he have influenced the younger artist?

2. Leonardo is often considered a “man ahead of his time.” What is meant by this? Discuss some examples of where he shows us his progressive, ahead-of-his-time nature.

3. Leonardo loved to experiment. Give one example of where we see this in his art and/or life.

4. The High Renaissance takes place primarily in Rome. What was going on in Rome that encouraged or fueled the High Renaissance?

5. Who is Pope Julius II and what is his role in the High Renaissance?

6. How does the role/status of the artist change in the High Renaissance?

7. Bramante’s Tempietto is often called the “perfect High Renaissance building.” Why? What characteristics of the structure support this idea?

8. How is High Renaissance art different from Early Renaissance art? Be specific in your answer and use examples.

9.  Why is the Mona Lisa an important painting?

10.  How might Bramante’s design for St. Peter’s reflect basic ideas of the Christian faith?  In other words, how do we know that this is a building that supports Christianity as opposed to another religion?  If you like, compare St. Peter’s to a building that supports another religion, like Islam?









Write a 1 page response on the readings we did in class..



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