COVID-19 and the Impact it has had on the African American Community

Analyze one problem that your culture—however you choose to define that—is currently facing, and with the help of credible research, you will pose a solution to that problem.

First, you must choose a topic. You are not going to be able to “fix” a huge problem like immigration in one paper, so please do not attempt this. Instead, choose a small issue that is researchable and debatable. I must approve your topic. See “Choosing a Topic for Research” for examples of topics that will and will not be approved. (I will approve/not approve the topic via your Topic Proposal.)

Note: Topic has been approved by my professor.

This essay should include the following:
An interesting title and engaging introduction
An argumentative thesis statement that states a debatable problem and solution
Argumentative body paragraphs that define the problem and argue that it is, in fact, a problem
Argumentative body paragraphs that pose one solution and argue why this solution could work
Personal anecdotes that show your own connection to this topic
A conclusion that leaves the reader with a final thought
A Works Cited Page

Use at least 6-8 credible sources. A minimum of 1 of these sources must be scholarly/academic journals from the library databases. Avoid general websites as your main sources, and remember that all sources must pass the C.R.A.A.P. test.

Note: You can go to, click “Current Students”, and then scroll down a little until you see “Library” then you should have access to the Library databases. Need at least one source from there. You can use more than one if you like.

At least 2000-2500 words, not including the Works Cited page, double-spaced and in MLA format (see syllabus). Essays shorter than 2000 words will not earn a passing grade.
A clear thesis statement
Well-developed paragraphs, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion
Logical pattern of organization and effective use of transitions
Use of specific examples instead of general or vague statements
Inclusion of at least 6-8 credible sources including 1 scholarly/academic journals
A variety of direct quotations and paraphrases from the sources in correct MLA format, and a Works Cited page
College-level spelling, grammar, and careful proof-reading
Grade: 25% of total course grade


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