The History and Philosophy of Science & Mathematics Education

I had add some of related files, please relate to that articles, you also need add additional references. at least 25 references total for all task and please no plagiarism. Don’t combine all answer, give answer for Question 1, Question 2 and Question 3. Thank you.

Question 1 (7 pages) :

The conceptions of the philosophy of science (empiricism, positivism, pragmatism, constructivism, transcendentalism, rationalism) are strongly challenged by three influential philosophers: Quine, Seller and Kuhn. Discuss each of the philosopher, their critiques of the conceptions of philosophy of science.

Question 2 (8 pages) :

The nature of phenomena that cannot be seen such as grab (app), Gojeck (app), bnb, facebook, etc. have new views on “physical reality” (new philosophy) and these views are employed in device such as lasers, solar cells, microchips, smartphones, smart watches, etc. Discourse new philosophy related to “physical reality”.

Question 3 (5 pages):

The conceptions of the philosophy of Science (empiricism, positivism, constructivism, transcendentalism, rationalism) are strongly related to scientific knowledge. Discourse each of the philosophy, and how scientific knowledge is applied in industrial evolution in relation to automation.


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