Primary source analysis

In a 2-page paper, you will analyze and argued the historical significance of Reflecting on Southern Women’s Contributions During the Civil War and how it relates to Unit 5.4 of my History of American to 1876.
I attached the related Unit 5.4 above.
Here’s a quick rundown of instructions:

2 FULL pages
Title: the name of the primary source as listed in the course.
I suggest 2-3 body paragraphs.
no outside source.
Talk about the women in this time ( in Unit 5.4) and how it relates to the women in the Reflecting on Southern Women’s Contributions during the Civil War)
Rules for quoting:
Avoid block quotes
Quote to analyze the language, not to summarize
Use ellipses (…) to trim long quotes down to their most important facets
No citations needed (I know your quotes are coming from the source)


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