Training and Talent Development

Prepare a Training & Development Program

Step 1: Select an organization to feature
Step 2: Select a position in the organization
Step 3: Identity a training and development need and conduct a Needs Assessment
Step 4. Prepare an Orientation Plan

-Your paper will begin with a brief background of the organization, including its mission and vision.
-Conduct a Needs Assessment of the select position. Begin by examining the specific short-term and long-term goals of the organization. Discuss your decision to allocate resources for a particular job by utilizing the concepts in the text. Describe the process of matching organizational objectives to the human resources needed to accomplish the organizational goals.
-Prepare an Orientation Plan for the select position utilizing the theories discussed in the text. Discuss appropriate and effective orientation plans and your decision-making process for selecting a particular orientation.
We had chapters 1 through 4 for this paper, I added the textbook that we are using.


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