Analysis Essay

This last essay of the semester will ask you to discuss some similar elements in this module’s readings. Both King and Baldwin point to a group of nice, middle of the road people whose actions, or inactions, are more harmful to African Americans than those who hateful or overtly racists. Identify them and explain why they are harmful/dangerous. Carter’s essay can be used to support the points made by King and Baldwin as well as your analysis.

King says, “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”

Baldwin describes a waitress’s attitude: “She did not ask me what I wanted, but repeated, as though she had learned it somewhere, ‘We don’t serve Negroes here.’ She did not say it with the blunt, derisive hostility to which I had grown so accustomed, but, rather, with a note of apology in her voice, and fear.”

Carter points out that, “The question is not whether (a boss’s) actions are consistent with what he most deeply believes but whether he has done the hard work of discerning whether what he most deeply believes is right. The manager has not taken this harder step.”

Your task will be to identify the groups that King and Baldwin refer to and discuss how and why they are harmful. Carter’s analysis of the need for integrity will be used to support your ideas.

While this is all about your analysis of the texts (your opinion), the approach to writing this essay will be made from a distance using third person point of view and avoiding phrases like, “In my opinion” or “I think that” or “I believe that.” Simply make your point and prove it; avoid justifying your ideas; explain them instead. This is tricky; although you are writing your opinion, you must avoid using “I” or “me” or “my.”


The opening paragraph will introduce the titles and the authors and very brief (one sentence) summaries of each of the essays.
You can include some observations in the introduction as well, but the last sentence of the opening paragraph must be the thesis statement that will address the commonalities between all three essays.
The body paragraphs will discuss the commonalities one at a time using analysis, description and quotes to support your assertions.
Include at least one quote or paraphrase in each paragraph (and make sure to cite them).
The conclusion will summarize the information included in the body paragraphs and may also offer some kind of additional food for thought.
The final draft will include a Works Cited page. At the very least you will list the three essays on the Works Cited. If you choose to bring some outside information into the essay, you may. Be sure to include any other sources used on the Works Cited page.
Your completed essay will be at least 700 words (more than 2 pages) in MLA format complete with a Works Cited page. You will need to submit a draft to the Lab.


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