Victimology – Criminal Justice

Answer the following questions with 2 paragraphs each.

Explain the risk factors for victimization for persons with disabilities? Why would people with disabilities not report victimization? What types of crimes do they typically experience? Who is most likely to victimize them and why?

Explain the cycle of violence? Why do you think it is hard to break this cycle? What can law enforcement or other CJ professionals do to help victims of domestic violence?

How does the original definition of rape differ from the current definition of rape? What are the different types of rape that currently exist? What are the risk factors for being a victim of rape?

What are some neighborhood- or household-level risk factors that may increase repeat victimization? What can CJ professionals do to decrease these factors? What can the people living in these neighborhoods do to decrease the risk? Do you think victimization can be truly prevented? Be sure to explain why or why not.

Describe one reason crime victims choose to report and one reason they choose not to report. Then explain at least three of economic costs victimization can cause for the victim. What are the long term psychological effects of victimization? Can victims get through this themselves, or do they need more? If they need more, who from?


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