An opinion piece and then write a 650-700 word analysis of the essay’s main ideas, rhetorical appeals, and writing strategies.

Here is the format that you must use to organize your paper:

Paragraph One: Introduction

Identify the author and the title of the essay, and then provide a brief summary of the essay’s key ideas. Conclude with the author’s THESIS.

Paragraphs Two and Three (analyze at least two appeals):

Discuss how the author supports his or her argumentative claims through at least two of the following types of appeals:

Appeal based on logic (logos). Discuss the essay’s process of reasoning. Identify the types of evidence presented in support of the essay’s claims, and give examples (e.g. personal experience, facts & statistics, expert testimony, anecdotal evidence, examples from history or current events, etc.).
Appeal based on emotion (pathos). Discuss how the essay appeals to readers’ emotions (needs, fears, feelings, beliefs/values, and sympathies).
Appeal based on author’s character/credibility (ethos). Consider his or her word choice, selection of evidence, presentation of credentials or personal experience, presentation of opposing viewpoints, etc.
Paragraph Four: Conclusion

Utilizing the information presented in the analysis, construct a detailed evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the essay as a persuasive argument aimed at a specific audience. In assessing the effectiveness of the essay, be sure to discuss (using the first person if you wish):

Reasonable arguments
Emotional appeals
Author’s credibility
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