The final exam consists of these 2 essay questions. It is open book but must be worked on individually and submitted individually.

Write at least three pages (minimum), double-spaced, in response to each one of these two essay questions:

Part 1 — ESSAY QUESTION #1: Read the Introduction and Chapter One of Charles Camosy’s Resisting Throwaway Culture at <> and then write an essay that (1) explains the seven principles of Camosy’s “Consistent Life Ethic” (CLE), and then applies those seven principles to the contemporary ethical issues of (2) ecology and (3) caring for non-human animals. (For details, see also Camosy, Resisting Throwaway Culture, Chapter Seven.)

Part 2 — ESSAY QUESTION #2: Explain and discuss the ethical merit of the seven ways of doughnut economics <> in order to answer the following three questions:
(1) How far does doughnut economics fit with the ethic of Rushkoff’s digital distributism? <>
(2) Is the Fairphone business model a good ethical example to illustrate doughnut economics? <

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(3) How is the concept of degrowth related to doughnut economics and digital distributism? <>


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