University policy, sexual assault on campus assignment


Now that you’ve taken the time to review your university’s sexual assault policy, answer the following questions in your reflection paper:

Was the information on CSULA’s policies easy to find?
Did you end up looking for it on the search engine?
Was the site user friendly? Was the information presented in a clear manner?
Compare to another university (Links to an external site.) (of your choice, e.g., Georgetown University)
Are there supports offered at another university that are not offered at CSULA?
How might you improve CSULA’s website or process?
How do you think a survivor would feel about CSULA’s website?
Write a brief paragraph about what you would you say to whoever is in charge of the presentation of the website. Would you recommend they make changes? If so, what changes?
Submit a two-page reflection paper based on these questions (not 1 and a half; two full pages). Please complete this assignment using APA style. Title page should include the following: class name, name of the assignment (University Policy, Sexual Misconduct on Campus), your name, and the instructor’s name.


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