Final Screencast Draft Script

In my announcement for this week I specifically said NOT to discuss the 3 themes separately, which is what you did. This script has to be completely re-written. You need to show how the three themes interact. I even gave the example of how the experience of a lower class black female would compare to an upper class white male. You do not have an introduction or a thesis statement- what is your argument? You state that conversion to Christianity could lead to emancipation but this was earlier in the 17th century- the Virginia slave laws state that baptism does not end enslavement. Your section on class was not really about class- you spoke a lot about immigration but did not say enough about class and your use of the Jourdan Anderson was problematic because you are not setting the proper context. This draft has no argument, did not show how the 3 themes interact or overlap, has no introduction or conclusion and again, really needs to be re-done.


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