Domestic Policy

ne of the biggest Domestic Policy issues is undocumented students in the US. President Obama recently implemented a new policy regarding these students.
Your task here is to find two articles on this policy, written AFTER the policy is announced. One should support the policy; the other article should oppose it. You’ll need to summarize each article, compare the arguments each one makes to the facts provided, and then offer your informed opinion– was this a good decision and why, or why not?
I will provide you a link to an article that gives a little background on the subject. You may NOT use this in your assignment. Remember the articles you choose MUST be written AFTER the policy goes into effect. One that is for the policy, and one that is against it.

Points will be awarded on the following basis for each article:

Copies or links of the articles are attached at the bottom of your assignment above the works cited page, which is submitted as a Word document (no credit will be awarded for this assignment unless this step is completed).
Your assignment is at least 400 words long (no credit will be awarded for this assignment unless this step is completed
Your assignment includes a brief summary of the new policy (0-2 points)
Your assignment includes summaries of each article regarding immigration (0-3 points)
Your assignment clearly relates, with a detailed explanation, these articles to any three concepts from our lectures/discussions of Domestic Policy—as examples, you could use regulatory policy, distributive policy, redistributive policy, the five step policy cycle (use each step by name), the bureaucracy, fiscal policy, monetary policy (0-3 points)
Your assignment has a conclusion on what you believe the ultimate response should be, and why. Note—your rationale must include more than personal opinion. Use facts to persuade the reader (0-2 points)


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