Is Texting Ruining The English Language?

I need a 250 word NON-PLAGIARIZED Essay. On the topic “Is Texting Ruining The English Language. I need you to watch a 13:48 Ted Talks youtube video. The link is provided. After watching the video, I need you to read a 23 page PDF with pages 20-23 ie the last 4 pages being reference pages on “The Effects Of Txt Messaging and Instant Messaging on Literacy: Prior to starting the Essay.

Answer this question “ Have the studies shown a positive or negative impact of texting”

Create a solid argument supported by our findings

Do you agree with the TED Talk video after reviewing the research

We must provide detailed answers with references to the sources by displaying our critical thinking skills

The Rubric and PDF The Effects of Text Messaging and Instant Messaging on Literacy”.

Will be included as attachments

Please, again, follow the instructions and Rubric provided.

Ted Talk Youtube video link:


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