Deviance and Poverty


Write a research paper in which you examine a social phenomenon, sub-culture, or societal issue from the perspective of the sociology of deviance.  As you become more familiar with the concept of deviance in the first week of class, start thinking about possible research topics and their relationship to the course theories and concepts.  You may select any type of deviant behavior, ideology, or status, whatever you find interesting. When you choose your topic, keep in mind the kinds of deviance related to the topic, not just the topic itself.  For example, if you do your paper on obesity, it would be helpful to discuss why it’s considered deviant, how it’s labeled as deviant, or the effects of this deviant status on people, instead of simply explaining the medical causes and conditions or health concerns about obesity. Aim to develop a specific research question to guide your research. Be sure to identify your perspective — positivist, constructionist, or some combination of the two — and apply at least one related theory from this perspective in the analysis of your topic. The essay should be 4 – 6 pp., double-spaced, standard font, with a title and page numbers.  No need to have a Title Page for a short essay.  The “Works Cited” page isn’t included in the page count.  You may use either Turabian, MLA, or APA format for citations and references, however APA is preferred in the field of Sociology. Paper Requirements: Develop a clear research question examining an element of deviance in the U.S. society. Be sure to have a thesis statement that answers this research question in a direct way and helps take a guiding position on your topic. Identify your approach, positivist or constructionist, or some combination Identify and apply at least one theory from the Goode text to your topic. Present a thorough discussion based on the analysis of your topic and sources Be sure to use quotations and citations correctly Use of required resources: A minimum of two academic journal articles (peer-reviewed academic journals from the social sciences – such as, criminology and deviance journals, general sociology journals, sociology of education journals, juvenile delinquency journals, and general social science journals). Of course, you may use and cite the Goode book. Deviant Behavior 11th Edition – Erich Goode


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