Case Study- Moving from assessment to instruction


This assignment consist of multiple parts. first you’ll read a short case study. Once its read you’ll answer a couple of questions and then create a mini-lesson. All based on the case study provided. Please answer all questions on the document provided for you, “Case Study.” I’ve attached additional resources that could help you build some background knowledge and understand the assignment a bit more.  – Grading rubric: –Provides a description of student’s strengths and each reading assessment and how it could be used to determine important information about the reader. The review of the student’s strengths is accurate and complete. (Question 1) The description is carefully written with at least 3 complete sentences. Provides a specific example from the assessment. (Question 2) –The goals selected are appropriate (Question 3) There are three goals that are created based on what we know about the student AND what we know about the Overview of First-grade skills. –Creates a Mini-Lesson (Question 4) The mini-lesson includes all components listed on the template. The mini-lesson includes the script for how to teach an explicit lesson in foundational skills. The mini-lesson includes specific language that tells the reader what is being taught.-


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