Theory paper


The Assignment The term paper involves a comparison or contrast of the key ideas of two key thinkers in this first 11 weeks of the course.  This comparison may focus on their theories more generally or on a specific element of thought of each thinker that is relevant to the other.  You may for example: identify certain similarities in their ideas, or areas of difference in their theory, or explicit points of critique. After analyzing the relation between two of these thinkers, this paper should provide some critical evaluation of the theories as well. 3 The Assignment. It is crucial that the theory paper not merely summarize the readings, but rather that a paper identifies key reasons for a theorist’s arguments and then evaluate these arguments by providing reasons to support or critique these claims. In comparing the two thinkers students are encouraged not just find differences in terms of focus, but in particular points of agreement and disagreement which in turn generate similarity or differences in the respective theorists This is a checklist to help evaluate a paper submitted in this course. The greater degree to which each question can be answered positively to a high level, the better the paper.   Thesis Statement Is it identifiable and clear? Is it manageable rather than being too broad for a short paper? Is it something substantive and does it provide the key argument(s) of the paper? Does the paper actually then closely follow the thesis? Theoretical Understandings Does the paper identify the key elements of the concepts that it is discussing? Does it explain these concepts clearly and accurately and in sufficient depth? Does its further discussion of the concepts demonstrate an overall understanding of the theorists involved in the paper, as well as integrating other literatures into the paper well? Does it move beyond simply describing or summarizing the readings to analyze them and their underlying reasons and understandings? Can it apply these concepts to new contexts and arguments in an insightful way? Does the paper manifest a critical understanding of the subject matter of the paper?Does the paper manifest a certain level of originality or creativity in understanding and critically analyzing the theorists discussed? WritingQuality Is the grammar and spelling correct? Is it clear what the meaning of the sentences and paragraphs is? Does it follow a clear structure, and provide the reader with an understanding of where the argument is proceeding, rather than being disorganized or disjointed? Evidence Does the paper provide reasons for the arguments and conclusions that it makes? Are the reasons provided clear and persuasive?In making claims about a certain thinker’s ides does it provide proper evidence of these claims through proper citation (book and page number) and argumentation? Please select the main topic/topics you would like to discuss in the essay. You can pick from specific weeks of powerpoints that i have uploaded and I will provide more information on them if necessary from the textbook. \


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