Challenges to the field of Conflicts Resolution.


Students, This is a reflective paper on “Challenges to the field of Conflicts Resolution.” You are to write about the positive points of using conflict analysis and resolution and most of all, the challenges of using it to resolve conflicts. Provide a good critique of the field with your own recommendations to make it better. Ensure you also include the appropriate amount of CAR theories and reading to support your paper. Download the instructions and rubric for this and all graded assignments. Ensure you check the rubric against your paper to see you fulfilled all the objectives. This 2nd Assignment is now due by 20 Nov 2020 at 2350  (Submitted on BB). Remember that you must submit the assignment by the due date using this blackboard in word format, and not via email! I will not accept late papers. The length for the 2nd paper will be approximately 1700 words (plus your separate bibliography), using at least eight or more different academic sources/citations.  Remember, if you talk about outside information, you must do research on it and properly cite it! Finally, I provided detailed feedback on the 1st Essay.  Do not make the same mistakes as the first essay, learn from my feedback and if I said to visit the writing center, do so. Good luck, Dr. Wilson


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