Globalization and its discontents


Answer ALL of the following questions:  1)   Summarize the neo-liberal argument for why they believe market-based capitalist “globalization works,” and give one positive example. (2 pts for the summary and 1 pt for the example) 2)  Explain a critique of globalization from ONE of the following perspectives:  religious, anti/anarchist, anti-racist OR environmental. (2 pts)  3)   Give an example of a problem with globalization that the neo-liberal view misses but the critical ideology you selected in #2 can explain. Does this mean the globalization gap can be fixed in the current system by reform —or does it mean the neo-liberal belief in markets is fundamentally flawed? Explain why or why not (1 pt for the example, and 2 pts for the explanation of fixing/not the gap) At the top of the page, you should include the date and assignment number. Do a one-sentence introduction to the assignment explaining what you’re answering, and a concluding sentence as well. Each prompt section should be one paragraph.  They will be graded for: completion logical argument use of evidence such as course readings and current events coherent writing relevance to the prompt


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