Gender studies Final


Hello all! Here is my assignment, and thank you! Instructions is within document. Rubric is inside the “syllabus” document. It is also there to guide you on where to go to get the information out of the book. There is a word matching section and an essay section.   Each question requires 2 TEXTS to be fully supported. There are 6 essay questions. Please ensure that are at least two paragraphs alongside the two cited texts to back them up. I also am including the syllabus in order to be a guide to where you can find information. No outside sources can be cited-  use textbook citations. The 2 texts can be from the intro/lecture material (i.e. the Chapters) and/or from one or more of the essays found in the same textbook. If you need something I will provide. **ENSURE THAT YOU USE TWO IN TEXT CITATIONS FOR EACH QUESTION WHEN ANSWERING**


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