Read three articles and answer the following questions


read the articles and answer the following questions accordingly in paragraphs.  *no extra source needed, no introduction/conclusion needed, do not write in essay format.* Activity – Canadian Publishing Policy The Canadian government spent many years trying to assess the impact of foreign investment in the book publishing sector. It was only in January 2016 that the policy page on the Canadian Department of Heritage website was updated. Unfortunately we can no longer see the submissions that they called for from the publishing sector. With Simon & Schuster getting a Canadian publishing program in 2013, and Random House purchasing the Canadian iconic publisher McClelland and Stewart in 2012, many felt policies and regulations protecting cultural content were being eroded. Read: Article 1: Simon & Schuster Marks Canadian Launch (Link – Article 2: Key departures leave Canadian arm of Simon & Schuster in question (Link – Article 3:Foreign Investment In The Canadian Book Industry (Link – Question: 1. Do you think that the government is softening its stance on foreign ownership? 2. Was the government correct in granting publishing status to S&S? 3. How do you think it will have a “net benefit” to Canada? 4. As international boundaries continue to flatten, which areas should the Canadian focus on to continue to preserve our cultural interests. Or are Canadian cultural industries, in particular book publishing, robust enough to stand on its own. Minimum 520 words.


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