Flashover  related to fire The work is to be “word processed or typed”. You can use #12 or #14 font size and must be doubled spaced between the thoughts or paragraphs. The Term Paper can be no shorter than three page [text pages] or longer than five pages. You must incorporate an image or drawing into the paper by digital means or by hand that supports your topic. You can use the following sources to acquire the information to complete the work: The library may be public, college, or firehouse, etc. Trade publications The internet has many websites Professionals in the field of science, etc The sources that are used need to be properly cited. Please refer to the pamphlet available at the campus library on the subject. Remember, late papers will not be accepted (emergencies will be evaluated on case by case basis). All members of the class will know the due dates of the assignments on the issuance of this syllabus. The due dates are on the “Class Dates and Topics Fire 72” Your paper must be post marked no later than the date stated on “Class Dates and Topics Fire 72” This paper is worth 20% of your final grade. I can not overstate the importance of turning in your work on time! Also, you are free to integrate graphic works throughout the body of your work as well. I have had many students do this type of work in their papers. Remember there are many resources at you disposal to achieve your written assignments. If anyone in the class should have difficulty in composing a paper, the college has learning assistance centers to help you. Also, I am a resource you can consult along with many other instructors. Do not be afraid to seek assistance with your work! Bottom Line! Any questions, you only need to ask! It must be typed or word processed, double spaced between paragraph with min. #12 sized font. The work must be no less than three pages of text or no more than 5 pages of text. The work must have a “title page”, with the students name and the subject. The work must have graphic image in it. The image can be a drawing, photo that depicts the subject of the paper. The work must have “bibliography”. The work must be based on one of the following subjects listed. FLASHOVER


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