The Story of Ligeia and Femininity


NO OUTSIDE SOURCE OTHER THAN THE STORY OF LIGIEA IS NEEDED!  Please make sure to go into detail and follow all of the directions! Thank you so much. Prompt: Imagine the story of “Ligeia” from the perspective of Ligeia or Rowena. How does perspective effect the representation of femininity? Of masculinity? Of subjectivity and objectification? Write a thesis driven paper in your own voice about your imagined response. You must include specific and significant insights about the literary text and the cultural situation under discussion. Requirements:  5 pages, in times-new-roman font, 12 point, double spaced. Please use MLA format. You should have in-text, parenthetical citations for quotes. Do not use outside sources!!  Your writing should be well organized, well developed (developed means well explained), and free of grammatical errors.  Make sure you have a strong, well-developed central argument (thesis). Your focus should be narrow and specific, but it should also be of significance. Significance means your thesis should tell readers something about society and the human condition. Your specific, well-defined focus should give us a larger insight into the text under consideration. Analysis is key: look beyond the obvious to consider the deeper concerns guiding a text. Avoid summary.  This is a literature paper, so keep in mind specific, formal elements of texts. Look for literary devices: images, metaphors, symbols, setting, etc. Consider the genre of writing you’ll be exploring. Be detailed and specific in your use of the text. The text, and its language is your primary evidence.


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