Projected Revenue Sources and Ethical Issues


Projected Revenue Sources and Ethical Issues Add to Part 1 of your Organization Wide Operating Budget by identifying the Projected Revenue Sources for Year 1. This will require you to commit to the proposed clientele you will be working with by payer sources (private pay, traditional health insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, managed care, grants). In other words, what percentage or number of patients can you see in a day? Single licensed provider with 60 minute treatments would be 8 clients per day x 5 days per week x 50 weeks per year (less a 2 week vacation). How many of these would you expect to be private pay, have traditional health insurance like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, be Medicare/Medicaid eligible, managed care related, or funded by a specific grant? You may use Worksheet 15.1 and 15.2, page 71+ as a guide to help format this portion of your budget. Upon reviewing the Calley (2009) article in ProQuest and reviewing the Code of Ethics websites posted by the ACA and APA comment on any design or ethical concerns you have related to your projected revenue sources for year 1. Having evaluated this component of budgeting, are there any revisions you would like to make to your payer source projections, why or why not. The recommended length of this assignment is 2-3 pages with reference support.


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