Religion Essay


Answer ONLY 2 the following questions (in bullet point form). Please write no more than ONE page in total: 1. What is Paul’s message in the Acts of Thecla? What does he preach to the people of Iconium? Why does that message land Thecla in trouble with her family and city? 2. How does Paul appear in this story? Is he representation positive, negative, or neither? Why do you think he is represented this way? Or what part of his representation most perplexes you? 3. What are 2-3 of the ways that demons and Satan strive to tempt Antony in the desert? 4. As we will discuss in our Zoom session the “desert” as an idea and symbol loomed large in early Christian imagination. Considering your knowledge of the Christian (and Jewish–remember Boyarin, Christian Jews!) traditions, with what biblical stories and/or figures was the desert connected?


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