Argumentative essay / Genetically modified food


Directions for Revision Essay The final essay for our course will be a revision of either your Argumentative Essay. Now revising is a very in-depth, complicated process, as you well know from reading Donald Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye.” Revising a piece of writing could mean, and probably will, working on the fundamental aspects of your paper, such as changing your thesis, developing your body paragraphs, including transitions, and/or clarifying your supporting points.  For this revision, you will continue drafting your essay with an eye towards the feedback that you received from me on the earlier draft of the paper that you submitted. After reading over my comments, you should have a better sense of where you should focus your efforts. Now it is important to remember that revision means more than just adding a sentence or two. I will be expecting a new version of your essay that deals with the fundamental concerns I expressed in my comments.   Now before you begin revising your paper, you will need to submit your revision proposal via the Dropbox, in which you will set out your plan for improving your draft. (See the instructions for the revision proposal in this folder.) Once you have received my approval, you will be able to get started.   Length: 10 pages Style: MLA documentation


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