Nonprofit Organizations That Address a Community’s Social Problem


Identify two nonprofit organizations that are addressing the community problem that you identified in your community needs assessment. Describe, in your own words, the program within each nonprofit organization that addresses this community problem. The nonprofit organization may take a different approach to programming than your own. Critique how well these two nonprofits address diversity and inclusion in the implementation of the program. Response Guidelines In your life experiences, you have regular interactions with nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations work for the greater public good. They include charities, schools and educational programming, scientific research and medical practice, religious groups and their outreach services, as well as the arts. In this work to serve a public purpose, some nonprofit organizations partner with the government as collaborators or contractors to implement programs. As a human service professional, your career may include serving as staff in a nonprofit organization or in a government agency working with staff from a contracted nonprofit organization. Preparation for the Unit 9 Assignment In the next unit, you will complete the Appraisal of Proposals assignment (u09a1). This assignment draws upon your Community Needs Assessment assignment (u05a1) and your reading and learning on program evaluation and program development in various settings (in a government agency, a nonprofit organization, or a for-profit business). If you are struggling with any of these concepts, please contact your instructor. To orient yourself to the assignment, take time now to read the assignment instructions and scoring guide. If you need additional clarification about the assignment after you have reviewed the assignment instructions and the scoring guide, use the “Ask the Instructor” discussion to pose your questions. Learning Components This activity will help you achieve the following learning components: Apply theory to connect community needs to interventions and programming. Translate a community needs assessment into opportunities for intervention for nonprofit organizations. Translate a community needs assessment into opportunities in for-profit businesses. Integrate reputable literature for accessible and culturally sensitive approaches for program design in nonprofit organizations. Identify accessible and culturally sensitive approaches for diverse populations for a program design within a nonprofit organization. Communicate using professional tone and APA style and format.


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