Primary source Essay


Throughout the semester you have had a number of primary source documents to read in addition to the chapters in your textbook.  There are links to these documents below.  From these you will choose one (1) to discuss in your paper. You must analyze and contextualize the document within the framework of the course, including in terms of the reading and PowerPoint presentations. This paper should not be like a book review or simply be a summary of the document.  The purpose of the primary source assignment is for you to practice critically reading and analyzing primary source documents and putting them into larger context. Such a skill is absolutely central to the work of historians and is something from which everyone can benefit. Your paper should be between two and three double-spaced pages in length (roughly between 500 and 750 words).  It will be graded on four criteria, all given equal weight.  They are: 1- Analyze who wrote this document and for what purpose.  Who was the person who wrote the document- what can you guess from the document itself? Can you say anything about their background and point of view- gender, race, ethnicity, social class, etc.?  Why did they write this?  What did they hope they would get out of it?  Who did they think would read it? Lastly I left the paper and document in the files area. The document I drop is what you will be analyzing


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