Value/Meaning Essay


The focus of your interview may be to learn about the substance and practice of another’s religion or spirituality; how your interviewee may view the world differently from you based on a different belief system. Your essays must: be based on a new experience – not something experienced in the past or completed for another course; discuss an experience related to each breadth area as the result of engaging in one of the following for each area; a personal interview, an observation Use the following general questions to guide your thinking and writing: What breadth area-related subject did you explore and which format (film, observation, or interview) did you use for your research? How is your subject related to the Science/ Description breadth area? What are the global or cultural implications of your subject? Did exploration of this topic challenge any preconceptions or assumptions you hold? Was your understanding of a global or cultural issue broadened or changed?  If so, how? What did you learn that you were not previously aware of? Any surprises or special gifts from your exploration?   What was the most important thing you learned and would like to share with others?


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