Does Online Discussion Have Individual and Social Benefits?


The following discussion will provide us with insight into the state of individual and social benefits resulting from online discussion. that’s Penny from Big Bang Theory if you do not recognize her. She has spent just a little too much time online.  😛 Take into consideration the following positive points when formulating your response: (I left off the negative aspects, but you can research those as well). Online discussion forums have benefits at individual and society level. They are positively linked to well-being for stigmatized group members. Online discussion forum use is linked to offline civic engagement in related areas. Identification with other forum users mediates the above relationships. Online discussion forums are of greater applied importance than has been realized. In one paragraph of five to seven sentences, please respond with your thoughts on how you think discussion forums may be used in our everyday lives or discuss the social ramifications of discussion forum usage either positive or negative.


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