Youth game


Athletes Coaches Officials Spectators/Parents   Record how they react individually, and with each other. When writing the paper, make sure to mention all the above people, even if you did not see any notable behavior.  Look for a variety of psychological and behavioral aspects that arise in sport: sportsmanship, aggression, violence, feedback, communication, cohesion, and other concepts we discuss in class. Make sure to reference studies, findings, and research from the course material.   After attending the event: You can insert your observations under each prompt, or complete in essay form. You must write in full sentences. Describe: 1.      The behaviors you observed 2.      Specifics about how the behaviors relate to what we discuss in class 3.      Examples of the psychological sport behaviors you observed 4.      Document research from our text 5.      Any interesting, or out of the ordinary behaviors 6.      What would you do differently 7.      A paragraph about your experience in youth sport. Was it similar to what you observed? Why or why not? What was the behavior of your coaches, parents? DO NOT write a summary of the game – but you can get specific with examples (i.e. When one team broke the tie with a soccer goal, a player seemed frustrated and started yelling at his/her teammates).  In the heading of the paper include: 1. The name of the field where you were observing 2. The sport being played (Eagles vsHawks) 3. The gender 4. Age level 5. The date


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