MBA Leadership Paper: Doing Business in a New Country

MBA Leadership Paper:  Doing Business in a New Country Country selected: China Business: Clothing, Apparel, Shoes (Supply Chain) DIRECTIONS:  The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to see how easy it is to learn a great deal about the business culture of a country they are considering entering. While Chief Executives will have staff members to do their financial and market due diligence, they do not always have people on staff who can analyze the leadership challenges in an unfamiliar country. Consultants can be hired, but they are often of uneven quality, and a little effort on your part will allow you to both evaluate consultants’ expertise before issuing the contract, and the quality of the work completed. You need to select a country in which you have not lived, in which you have not done business, or do not have relatives living there or from there; this is to be based solely on the research you can do about an unfamiliar country using online resources. You should begin with a very brief paragraph describing the business you intend to set up in the country. Then address the culture, workplace practices, legal human-resources requirements (severance pay in layoffs, etc.), and any notable challenges to your prospective business there. The report: –No more than 8 pages, double-spaced, inclusive of attachments and appendices. –It will be checked for plagiarism, so no copy-and-paste from Wikipedia or any other online source.   A few initial online sources you may find useful: ·       Global Edge Reference Desk (Links to an external site.) ·       Library of Congress, Country Studies (Links to an external site.) ·       U.S. Department of State Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets (Links to an external site.) ·       World Trade Organization (Links to an external site.) ·       U.S. Department of State Travel (Links to an external site.) ·       The Economist (Links to an external site.) (free if accessed from the university’s library page) ·       Negotiating International Business, Country Profiles   SOME RESOURCES TO INCLUDE: Evaluating International Challenges ·       MacLaughlan, M. (2017) 5 Tips to Overcome Cross-border M&A Failure (Links to an external site.). ·       Buechel, B. (2014) Developing a Global Mindset: The Five Keys to Success. (Links to an external site.) Insights@IMD     Working with the Public and Political Engagement ·       Chatterji, A. K. & Toffel, M. W. (2018) The New CEO Activists (Links to an external site.). Harvard Business Review, January- February. ·       CEOs, Politics and the Law: Guidelines for a Corporate Social Speech. (Links to an external site.) PerkinsCoie. Luca, Michael, Stern, Scott, Cook, Devin, & Kim, Hyunjin. March 5, 2020. Harvard Business School # 9-920-051. Racial Discrimination on Airbnb: The Role of Platform Design. (Links to an external site.)


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