Utilitarian Government Policies

Topic:  It certainly seems like there are numerous government policies that, despite imposing costs on some citizens, can be morally justified by their significantly contributing to the overall welfare of society (i.e., society would be better off with those policies).  In your paper:  (i) Describe two such government (federal, state, or local) policies, explaining how they could be defended in utilitarian terms (i.e., their aggregate benefits to society exceed their aggregate costs to society). (ii) Citing examples of possible policies that would be morally objectionable but whose aggregate benefits exceed (or would exceed) their costs, propose and defend one or more principles (or moral rules) that you believe should constrain the use of cost-benefit calculation in policy-making.  These will be practical principles that tell policy-makers when they should not adopt policies whose overall benefits (would) exceed their overall costs but should be guided (in part) by other moral considerations.


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