Project Demonstrating Excellence (Semester Case Study) 4. Project Demonstrating Excellence (Semester Case Study): Please do not forget this project is a semester long case study. You should begin immediately! Details will be provided during the first class. You will select a publicly traded corporation (referred to as your “target company”) and become an EXPERT on this company. You will assemble a database of financial and non-financial information about your target company. You will study its industry and identify the unique factors in this industry that may influence your target company’s performance. You will also create a database of information related to a “benchmark company.” A benchmark company is a strong and successful competitor of your target company. COMPANIES MUST NOT HAVE A DEFICIT IN TOTAL EQUITY OR IN RETAINED EARNINGS! Once all the data are collected you will examine your target company’s performance in the context of its industry. You will also compare the target company’s performance to its performance of the preceding year and to the performance of the benchmark you have chosen. The comparison will involve a very specific method detailed in your textbook and explained in class. You will use the PSC software to summarize the performance data and render as series of ratios, graphs, and charts. It will be fun and easy.  Should the professor invest $10000 in the company or not? why or why not?


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