Ethics in Public Office

I need assistance with writing a paper. The instructions for the paper is below. I am also attaching a copy of my last paper in order to see the tone in which I write. PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: Let’s assume that the moral responsibilities of public officials include (1) being truthful with the public and, so, in the absence of very strong moral reasons to the contrary, avoiding deceptive public communications, and (2) supporting the policies of the administration (federal, state, or local) they serve, helping to gain and maintain public support for those policies. With regard to discharging the latter responsibility, public officials often engage in “spin,” playing up or favorably framing information that benefits the administration and playing down or sliding over information that is not helpful to the administration. In your paper, please do the following: (i) Describe (with examples) some of the ethical challenges public officials experience in trying to balance (1) and (2)?  (ii) Propose and defend three moral principles you think should guide officials in addressing those challenges.  Include discussion of when and what kind of “spin” is–and is not–consistent with public integrity.  (Please be sure that, in your paper, you directly and fully address the task set here.)  Feel free to reference book, Public Integrity by J. Patrick Dobel


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