Why should students be drug tested at school?

1.Order your 5 summaries by the author’s last name.  In other words, an article by Anderson would be your first one, Carpenter would be second, and Miller would be third and so on (ABC order). YOUR CITATIONS must conform to APA standards NOT MLA.  Many of my students are only familiar with MLA that is a different format.  Disciplines in the Social Science use APA. •Your are NOT required to use APA formatting within the paper (e.g. in text citations, cover page, works cited and so on). You must use SCHOLARLY sources.Job Blow’s opinion on some website is not evidence.  *Do NOT just choose ANY article on the subject.  It must directly relate to your position.  *If you need help finding sources, the COS librarians are a wonderful resource.  You can also visit with me during office hours, but do NOT wait until the last minute.*The COS Library has also created a Research Guide for this project.  You can find it on their web site:  Library>Research Guides> THEN scroll down to Child Development 39 (Miss G) and click on it.  The debate topics are organized by topics 1 –12.   The reason why there are so many is because I teach one section of this class that has over 200 students.2.Each of the 5 annotated bibliographies must include atLEAST 4paragraphs (5-7 sentences per paragraph minimum).  *If you would like to receive an A or B on this assignment, do more than 4 paragraphs.a.Paragraph 1 should be an introductory article that details the author’s or sources authority concerning your position.  i.Ideas:  Dedicate sentences articulating what the article covers and explain why the article is important.b.Paragraph 2 and 3 should include key facts in the article that are essential to argue support or oppose a position.  If you are using the author’s exact words, you need to use quotation marks.  If you are summarizing the author’s key points, then you should use introductory statements, such as, “The author states….”  I need to be able to distinguish your words from the authors.  i.You can’t copy and paste large sections of an article with quotations.  I am looking for you to reword it and reflect upon it.  c.Paragraph 4 is your concluding paragraph.  It is extremely important that you tie your information/summary back to your position.  Convince me that I should join your “side.”


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