Cushing’s disease/syndrome

At the end of the paper you should include your references. DO NOT use only internet searches. There are too many bogus sites with false information. Some internet searches are acceptable as long they are reputable. You should have printed text references (ex: books, medical journals, etc.) and can include a medical professional in the field (ex: doctor, pharmacist). If your illness is included in our textbook, do not just use that, or your grade will reflect it. You do not have to use any special format for the references, but should include the title, author(s), copyright date, and pages. In the case of a person, you should have their name, title, and place of employment. Please remember the definition of plagiarism & its consequences.

Your paper should include but not be limited to the following points as they relate to your topic:

1. Define the disease and the etiologic agent(s) responsible (if any)

2. Method of transmission

3. Clinical signs/symptoms

4. Diagnostic methods (testing) and what you can expect to find on the results

5. If it’s communicable or not

6. How it affects organ systems (especially as it pertains to what we cover in this class)

7. Treatment methods: include names of drugs and their mechanisms of actions, surgeries, radiation, laser, etc. I understand that there may be many drugs available, and I am not asking to list all of them.


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